Joint report on the situation in Russia in the frame of the UPR: racism and discrimination based on ethnicity, migration status and citizenship

By the 44th session of the Universal Periodic Review, ADC Memorial and the International Committee of Indigenous Peoples of Russia, with the support of the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) and the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI), made a joint submission on discrimination related to ethnicity, migration status and citizenship.

The report covers the problems of discrimination against Indigenous peoples (destruction of the traditional natural environment, insufficient legislative guarantees of the right to traditional lands); Roma (anti-Roma pogroms, demolition of Roma settlements and eviction of residents, segregation of children in schools); the Crimean Tatar people (escalation of repression in Crimea and spread to newly occupied territories); racism and arbitrariness against migrants; the catastrophic impact of the war and mobilization on ethnic minorities and Indigenous peoples.

Among the problems related to citizenship, the report highlights the lack of judicial control over detention of stateless persons and migrants in deportation centers without access to legal aid; the citizenship stripping as a repressive measure. Special attention is paid to Russia’s war crimes against Ukrainian children: the assignment of Russian citizenship to children deported from Ukraine to Russia and their adoption or placement in children’s institutions or foster families in Russia.

The evaluation of the Human Rights situation in Russia at the 44th UPR session will take place in November, 2023.

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