Sky News: Transgender woman fights for her rights in Russian court – and wins

Sky News: This week, after a two-year legal battle, a court in St Petersburg ordered the Janoshka printworks to give Ms Vasilyeva her job back and to pay her 1.85 million roubles (£22,000) in lost income and 10,000 roubles (£120) in damages.

Ms Vasilyeva was fired from her job at a St Petersburg printing press after she presented her employer with a new passport recognising her transition from male to female.

Olga Abramenko /ADC Memorial/, said the ruling represents progress – but warned there is still a long way to go: “The decision of the court was that this woman was allowed to work in this profession because she can’t physically have children. But it’s the right of women to decide whether they have children or not and to choose a particular profession or not. We hope that the list will be reduced but of course it’s not enough. We would like it to be abolished totally.”

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