Rights of Migrants and Stateless People – the Issue Topic of Bulletin #64

To the International Migrants Day ADC Memorial has prepared special issue of human rights bulletin dedicated to the rights of migrants and stateless people:

Global Compact for Migration vs New anti-migration policy in Russia

Human Rights Reports

Migrant Children in CIS Countries: Lack of Adequate Legal Norms Regulating Cooperation Between the Countries Involved

Invisible and exploited in Kazakhstan: the plight of Kyrgyz migrant workers and members of their families

Judicial protection of the rights of migrants and stateless people

Courts continues to expulsion of foreign citizens, who have close relatives in the Russian Federation

Ukrainian citizen expelled to the zone of military conflict, despite recognition of expulsion as illegal

Absurd court ruling: migrants allowed into Russia only to be arrested and deported for previous offense

ECtHR: detention of stateless persons in centres for foreigners is an unacceptable punitive measure

International advocacy

ADC Memorial took part in the 11th Session of the UN Forum on Minority Issues in the presence of the Special Rapporteur

Russian Federation accepts UPR recommendations on statelessness

UN experts assessed Tajikistan’s compliance with international standards

CRC: children in vulnerable situation should be protected from sexual crimes

ADC Memorial supported the list of questions addressed to Azerbaijan by the UN CMW

In memoriam

In memoriam Lyudmila Alexeyeva

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