The strategic cases won by ADC Memorial are included into the Stateless Case Law Database

The strategic cases conducted by ADC Memorial were included in the Stateless Case Law Database. The new tool for the protection of the rights of stateless persons presented on July 15, 2021 by the European Network on Statelessness is designed to help practicing lawyers, researchers, Human Rights defenders working around the world to solve the problem of statelessness. It will also be useful for policy makers and state institutions responsible for documenting, granting status, legalizing stateless persons, refugees and migrants.

The Database, in particular, includes a very important strategic case “Kim v. Russia” (2014); the European Court of Human Rights clearly spoke about the systemic problem of stateless persons originated from the former republics of the USSR who have been living in the Russian Federation for years and decades being deprived of basic Human Rights, without access to the legalization procedure.

Together with the cases ruled by international courts, the Database also includes cases on national level. This is, for example, a very important case of Noe Mskhiladze, won by ADC Memorial in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (2017). The court ruled to change the Russian legislation in order to prevent the arbitrary and indefinite detention of stateless persons.

The search in the Database can be done by different aspects, including deportation and expulsion, deprivation of citizenship, gender, and many others.

Watch the video presentation of the Stateless Case Law Database; Stefania Kulaeva, expert of ADC Memorial, spoke together with representatives of partner organizations of the ENS.