UN CERD published its recommendations to Tajikistan after the evaluation of the combined 9th to 11th periodic reports

ADC Memorial welcomes the concluding observations and recommendations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination for Tajikistan, following the 93rd session of CERD UN, 31 July – 11 August 2017.

The problems raised in the alternative report of ADC Memorial were taken into account. The Committee called the authorities of the RT to collect disaggregated data on the ethnic minorities and, in particular, to consider Pamiri and Yaghnobi as minority groups in the census and other statistical analysis. The CERD also recommended to adopt a comprehensive state program on support of Roma/Jughi, with special focus on the situation of women and girls. Promotion of minority languages, including Pamiri and Yaghnobi, in the spheres of education and media was considered of great importance by the Committee. Educational programs aimed at opposing prejudice towards ethnic minorities, including Pamiri and Jughi, were recommended as well.

Important recommendations were done on improvement of the situation of stateless persons, refugees and asylum seekers. The Committee called the authorities of the RT to provide these vulnerable groups with all relevant rights regardless their status or registration in the RT.

The Committee reiterated its recommendation on adoption of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation containing the definition of different forms of discrimination in accordance with international standards.

The Committee called the RT authorities to strengthen the dialogue with the civil society while implementing the current recommendations and preparing the next periodic report.

Photo by sanjitbakshi