Video: The presswomen about discrimination specially for the campaign #AllJobs4allWomen

Specially for the campaign #AllJobs4allWomen a woman, who had been fired from a printing shop following the change of sex and the change of information on sex in her passport from “male” to “female”, told her story of discrimination. Her job of a printer is part of the list of 456 professions prohibited for women in Russia, although she had worked in this job for 10 years before the change of data on sex in her passport.

In her interview to Meduza, she said:

…’I want to fight against discrimination. Many women face the fact that they’re not allowed to do certain things simply because others have decided for them. Others have decided that, since they’re women, they should just give birth, make soup, raise the kids, and that’s it. These are gender stereotypes. I look at my story as a lever with which it might be possible to try to reduce the number of professions where women are banned, or maybe to get rid of the list altogether. Using my dismissal, I want to achieve for women the right to choose who they’ll be and where they’ll work.

I was never treated all that well at work. My coworkers were professional but they weren’t friendly. It’s 99 percent men on the factory floor. I think they all suspected something about me, but they never said anything aloud, until I sent out a memo.

None of this is unique to my company — it’s a feature of our whole society. Most of the population doesn’t know anything about people like me. For them, it’s something dark, unknown, and dangerous. Few people have their own opinions that can’t be influenced by the state or the media.’

(the video was filmed for ADC “Memorial” before the publication of the interview “Meduza”, but had not previously been published)