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In November 2008, several different events all addressing one specific issue took place at ADC Memorial:  improving the quality of education of Roma children. 



On December 22, 2008, first-graders from the Osel’ki school, who live in a nearby Roma village, together with their teacher Elena Evgrafova and an activist from the parents’ committee Elza Mikhai came to St. Petersburg. They walked along the Neva,…

In the past, light blue and pink were simply the happy colors of childhood: children sang of the blue brook or the pink elephant, not thinking to give these simple words a more complicated meaning. Nowadays, even first-graders know that…

Lawyers from ADC Memorial have filed to initiate proceedings regarding the posting of flyers with extremist content in the city of Opochka, Pskov Region.

The story of the fight to preserve a spontaneously-built Roma settlement in the city of Chudovo, Novgorod Region, has continued for more than a year. But now, at last, it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel…

On December 6, 2008, a legal seminar involving people from all over the Russian Federation, conducted within the framework of the project “Legal Help for Caldarari Roma Settlements in Russia,” took place at ADC “Memorial.”

On April 8, 2010, on the International Romani Day, Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” released a collection of fairy tales in Roma language (with translation into Russian) by Alexander Klein and a compact disc with the author’s reading of his book. The…