Stories for the special project “The Strangers” of “Cherta media” and HRDC “Memorial”

In the publications of the CHERTA, the ADC Memorial expert Stefania Kulaeva spoke about the problems of migrants from Ukraine and Central Asia who were deprived of their liberty in the deportation center (CVSIG/CIDFP). The article cites materials and photos from two reports of ADC Memorial on the situation of migrants and stateless persons who ended up in such centers: Imprisoned Stateless Persons in Russia: The Search for a Way Out of a Legal Dead End and Human Rights Report of ADC Memorial Violations of the Rights of Stateless Persons and Foreign Citizens in Light of the ECHR Judgment in “Kim v. Russia”. Thanks to the efforts of human rights defenders and lawyers, it was possible to change Russian legislation: now the period of detention of migrants is limited, judicial control over the grounds and terms of detention of migrants in the deportation centers has been introduced.