Deafening Silence – Trailer

The problem of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is especially acute in Tajikistan. LGBTI+ people endure homophobia and violation of their rights on a regular basis and are frequent victims of violence, blackmail, and extortion. Law enforcement officers fail to respond to crimes against LGBTI+ people and frequently commit these crimes themselves.

Some members of the LGBTI+ community endure specific forms of multiple discrimination, which makes them feel even more vulnerable:

– The situation of LB women is complicated by patriarchal traditions: their lives and liberty are controlled by relatives.

– Transgender people are exposed to heightened risk because of their appearance and the fact that their documents may not match their appearance.

– The stigmatization of people living with HIV forces LGBTI+ people to live a closed life and increases the risk of infection.

– Governments complicate the registration and work of NGOs that provide assistance for members of the community.

Despite numerous problems and difficulties, human rights defenders and activists are able to support LGBTI+ people by holding events to protect their rights, attending trials against homophobes, and attempting to conduct a dialogue with government representatives where possible. Sensing this support, members of the community have found the courage to stand up for their rights.

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The trailer to the film “Deafening Silence” was prepared by ADC Memorial in conjunction with Human & arts.

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