Bulletin № 63, October 2018

The campaign #AllJobsforAllWomen
First results of the ALL JOBS FOR ALL WOMEN campaign in Russia: Russian Ministry of Labor partially abolishes job prohibitions for women

Curtailing of the Russian List of Professional Bans for Women: Legal Aspects Inessa Sakhno

Lawyers comment on proposed changes to the list of jobs prohibited for women


Special issue #WorldCup2018, June 2018

Are you welcome in Russia 2018

Arbitrariness and football Stefania KULAEVA

Bans on women’s labor persist: Russia ignores international standards and Russian court rulings

Russia received more than 300 recommendations under the UN HRC Universal Periodic Review

Joint Letter to FIFA Concerning the Human Rights Crisis in Chechnya


Bulletin № 57, April 2017

All Jobs for All Women

Join the Campaign of ADC Memorial #AllJobs4AllWomen

Participants and supporters of the Campaign

Support of the campaign in the EU

Women’s rights

CEDAW UN recommends Ukraine to review the ban on certain professions. Press release of ADC Memorial and the Center of Social and Gender Research (Kyiv)

One hundred ...


Bulletin № 55, October 2016

Death of little Umarali Nazarov: case closed, questions remain Press-release by ADC Memorial
Central Asia : The ordeal of migrant workers and their families

Supreme Court overruled expulsion of Tajik student from Russia

ADC “Memorial” achieved release of stateless person from detention

Refugees’ rights and migration reform in Russia by ...


Bulletin № 54, July 2016

Protection of civil society
The Persecution of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists Must End! Statement of ADC Memorial

Overcoming the obstacles created for civil society: response of the international community Olga ABRAMENKO

“Antiterrorism” and “anti-extremism” as means of suppressing civil liberties Inessa SAKHNO

Kyrgyzstan at a ...


Bulletin № 53, April 2016

The Self-Government Body of the Crimean Tatar People must not be Banned

Campaign in solidarity with the Roma of Donbass

Roma Woes as a Reflection of the Political Course Stefania KULAEVA

Life safety is a universal right with no exceptions

Conference on LGBTI Rights in Ukraine

Women 404 : the Committee on the Elimination of ...