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Freedom, Equality and Dignity for All

The March for Equality took place in Kiev on June 12. Participants in this peaceful demonstration to protect LGBTI rights in Ukraine demanded equal rights, dignity, and freedom for all the country’s residents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity….read more

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Joint Statement of ADC Memorial and the Center for Civil Liberties on International Day Against Homophobia: DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MINORITIES IS UNACCEPTABLE!

May 17. On International Day Against Homophobia, the Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties consider it necessary to express their solidarity with all people facing discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation…read more

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Violations of the Rights of Women From Particularly Vulnerable Groups in Armenia

For the 65th Pre-session of the United Nations Committee on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Anti-discrimination centre Memorial and  Civil Society Institute (Armenia) submitted  а joint list of issues, related to discrimination of vulnerable groups of women, including migrants, LGBTI,…read more

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Another homophobic witch hunt under way

The recent sensational legislative initiative aimed against “coming outs” refers to public demonstration of any relations, which the deputies who had proposed this draft law, find “perverted”. Any means are thought to be appropriate for them in order to justify…read more

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Oral Statement of Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial At the Meeting of NGOs with the Members of the UN CEDAW

October 26, 2015, Geneve Dear Members of the Committee, ADC Memorial calls you to include the following measures on elimination of discrimination of women to your recommendations to the Russian Government: = stop attempts to restrict a woman’s right to…read more