ADC “Memorial” presents “Wworkers”, a documentary by Tatiana Chistova

Official premiere of the film

Vintage Hall of the Center for Contemporary Art Vinzavod, Moscow

April 22, 2018


Wworkers” is a documentary which was filmed as part of the campaign #AllJobs4AllWomen organized by the Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial”. The film was included into the official program of the 5th International Documentary Film Festival “Make a film”.

Extinguishing fires, driving a truck, working as a motorist on a ship and a printer in a printing plant – these and many other professions are legally forbidden for women in Russia and are listed as “heavy, harmful and hazardous”. From the point of view of human rights activists and the workers themselves, this is a clear case of discrimination, which must be stopped. The heroines of the film successfully work in professions, which are officially prohibited for them, and try to achieve the abolition of the list of occupations prohibited for women.