BBC: Not the Job for You

Why Many Jobs in Russia are Banned for Women and How They’re Fighting Back

The BBC has released a major report about the problem of job bans and the women fighting for the cancellation of the list of banned professions. Among the heroes of the campaign #AllJobs4AllWomen are Oksana Shevalye and Svetlana Medvedeva

The BBC cited ADC Memorial, which noted that more jobs need to be removed from the list and that this problem exists not just in Russia, but also in Central Asian countries, Belarus, and Azerbaijan.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, these lists were retained in many post-Soviet republics. According to ADC Memorial, in 2018 these lists were in effect in nine former Soviet countries – in some countries as separate documents and in others as part of the Labor Code.

The group, which helped Svetlana Medvedeva in court, estimates that 320 of the 456 types of jobs from the previous list of banned professions are still not open to women.

However, both unions and government officials say that list must be further shortened. “We fully support shortening the list,” said Andrei Pudov, a deputy labor minister, during a speech at the State Duma.

The entire BBC report can be read here.