Viasna: Picks of the Week – discrimination of women in employment

181 professions are on the government’s list of jobs that still can’t be occupied by women, a research by Her Rights initiative said.

Women cannot work as rescue divers, carpenters, intercity bus drivers, or tanners.

Such lists are still in place in 8 former Soviet countries, and until recently they existed in Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine.

The restrictions argue that these jobs may affect women’s health. In reality, this list has no medical evidence.

“Health care is an individual thing. There are women who, for example, are not advised to fly a plane during pregnancy. But at the same the profession of a flight attendant is currently not forbidden for women, and it will never be banned,” Stefania Kulaeva of the Anti-Discrimination Center “Memorial” said at a presentation of the research on July 9 in Minsk.

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