The court in the annexed Crimea sentenced the Crimean Tatars abducted by the Russian security forces in the Kherson region to prison time

The Crimean Human Rights Group and Крим.Реалії report that on September 2, 2022, the Russian-controlled Kievskiy District Court of Simferopol sentenced Crimean Tatars Ruslan Ablurakhmanov and Ayder Umerovaya to 5 years in a strict regime colony for participation in the Noman Chelebidzhikhan Battalion, which Russia recognizes as an illegal armed formation. Abdurakhmanov was detained by the Russian security forces on May 22 in the village of Azovskoye, Genichesk district, Kherson region. Umerov, according to the FSB of the Russian Federation, was also detained in the Kherson region in April 2022 while trying to enter Crimea.

After the detention, criminal cases were initiated against Abdurakhmanov and Umerov under Part 2 of Art. 208 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Organization of an illegal armed formation or participation in it, as well as participation in an armed conflict or military operations for purposes contradicting the interests of the Russian Federation”).

Earlier, on August 19, Crimean Tatar Rustem Osmanov, kidnapped by the Russian security forces in the village of Kalanchak, Kherson region in April 2022, was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the Russian-controlled Belgorodskiy District Court of Crimea for participation in the Noman Chelebidzhikhan Battalion.