The Polish Ombudsman took control of the problems of Ukrainian Roma in Przemysl

Marcin Wiącek, the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights, intervened in the case of a group of Roma refugees from Ukraine who are systematically discriminated against in Przemysl.

The Ombudsman has received alarming information about the situation of Roma from Ukraine, who have been living at the railway station in Przemysl for a long time. As of October 29, 2022, there were more than 70 people in the station building, primarily families with children. They had to sleep on the floor, the free station toilets did not work, and the refugees had no money for paid toilets. Ombudsman Vionchek asked the local authorities to pay attention to the situation of this group of refugees and solve the problem with their accommodation. He asked for information on whether the Roma had applied for help at the reception centers and refugee centers in Przemysl and for what reasons they had been refused.

Based on reports from volunteers, ADC Memorial has repeatedly written about violations of the rights and discrimination against Ukrainian Roma refugees by Przemysl Mayor Wojciech Bakun and humanitarian centers for refugees. According to refugee volunteers, Roma are systematically denied admission to the Tesco humanitarian aid center and other large centers, and the volunteers are threatened by the police.