Сhanges for the better await us in 2021

Thanks to the efforts of the participants of #Alljobs4allwomen campaign, starting January 1, 2021, more than a hundred professional occupations, including some which are in high demand, as those in the transportation sector, will become available for women in Russia.

A year ago, the first group of female metro train drivers began their professional training in Moscow and they are to start their work in 2021. Starting 2021, women will also be able to work as truck drivers, navigators in maritime and riverine sector, rail and subway transportation, civil aviation. Although some other industries are still inaccessible to women, we hope that the existing bans on professional occupations for them will soon be lifted, as has already happened in other countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We expect that in the new year, countries that have earlier abolished the lists of professional occupations prohibited for women (such as Ukraine, Moldova and Uzbekistan) or partially reduced such restrictions (as Russia), will create conditions for real employment in jobs previously unavailable for women and will open training courses in these professional occupations, will encourage women to work in previously forbidden professions and will combat gender stereotypes.

We hope that other countries will soon put an end to discrimination against women in labor sphere, as it is already being planned in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. We hope that elsewhere in the region other countries, including Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, will follow the example of their neighbors and will lift bans on professional occupations for women.

We wish you a Happy New Year and new professional opportunities and achievements!