Bulletin № 75, 2022. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION


Stop the war! Freedom to Ukraine! Peace to the nations!

Repressions against the Crimean Tatars have been unleashed in the Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian troops

Elderly, and people with disabilities are unable to escape war

Solidarity with the ethnic minorities of Ukraine

Roma women and girls in the conflict zone need protection

Voices From Hell  Stephania Kulaeva

Against the Backdrop of War Olga Abramenko


Minorities at Risk Stephania Kulaeva

ADC Memorial expressed concern about conflicts in the Eurasian region at the UN Forum “Conflict Prevention and the Protection of the Human Rights of Minorities”

The UN CERD called on the Kazakh authorities to provide full compensation for the victims of the anti-Dungan pogrom and a fair trial

It is Impossible: Dreams of Peace in Pamir Olga Abramenko

Minorities’ rights in Europe and Central Asia were discussed in Vienna


Alluvial gold mining is destroying the environment of the Shorians, a Siberian indigenous people

The documentary “The Gold of Shoria” by Vyacheslav Krechetov was awarded at the XV International Festival of Human Rights Documentary Films “Bir Duino-2021”

Khakassian authorities acknowledge concerns of the defenders of the rights of indigenous peoples

Russia’s Constitutional Court defended the right of indigenous peoples to hunt

UN Special Rapporteur to Review the Problem of Access to Clean Water for Indigenous Peoples of Siberia

The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing expressed concerns about discrimination of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups

ECtHR Registers Complaint From Environmentalist and Human Rights Defender Johannes Rohr, who was Banned From Entering Russia for 50 Years by the FSB

ECtHR registered a complaint against the blocking of The Barents Observer


Important recommendations of the UN CEDAW to Russia are focused on the rights of indigenous women and other vulnerable groups

The UN CEDAW considered the state report of Kyrgyzstan

The UN CEDAW calls the authorities of Russia and Kyrgyzstan to overcome gender inequality in employment

Achievements in opposing professional bans for women in 2021. News of the campaign #AllJobs4AllWomen

Gender Hub Azerbaijan launched #AllJobs4AllWomen campaign in Azerbaijan

ADC Memorial welcomes the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by the Republic of Moldova


Persecution of LGBTI+ people in Russia: Increasing repressions 2021-2022


The Right To Be Stephania Kulaeva